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1st International Railway Symposium Aachen

28 - 30 November 2017
SuperC, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Organisers: Research Center Railways (RCR)

Initiative of the following institutions of the RWTH Aachen University:

  • Institute of Rail Vehicles and Transport Systems (IFS), Prof. Schindler
  • Institute of Transport Science (VIA), Prof. Nießen
  • Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA), Prof. De Doncker
Logos vom IFS, VIA, und ISEA

Download the Call for Papers as a PDF.

Download the programme of the conference as a PDF.


Innovative railway operation concepts

  • Robust scheduling
  • Automatic track allocation
  • Incident management

Safety, reliability and service life

  • Structural integrity, collision safety
  • Train protection und railway signalling systems
  • Predictive maintenance, maintenance management, diagnosis, spare parts management

Assisted, automated and autonomous driving (3A)

  • Automated freight transport
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Car-to-X communication

Noise reduction

  • Noise prevention, aerodynamics
  • Vehicle noise attenuation
  • Infrastructure for noise protection measures
  • Active and passive concepts

Energy and resource efficiency

  • Innovative vehicle, running gear and drive train concepts
  • Electrification, catenary-free operation
  • Lightweight construction, additive manufacturing
  • Wheel-rail interaction, track guidance

Best Paper

We are pleased to announce that
  • Y. Koizumi, Four months field evaluation of energy-efficient driver advisory system
  • T. Koseki, Theoretical Design and Experimental Verification of Energy-saving Automatic Electric Train Operation
  • S. Zieger, The influence of buffer time distributions on delay propagation in railway networks
  • F. Kamenga, Train platforming with scenario based robustness
will be rewarded as the best english paper which will be published in the Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management.

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